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Semi Driver Injured in Chain-Reaction Crash

Drivers in Missouri and around the country should reduce speed and remain alert when driving in bad weather and on slippery road surfaces, and this is especially true when they are behind the wheels of semi-tractor trailers. It is not uncommon to encounter disabled vehicles and slow-moving traffic when highways are icy and shrouded in […]

Curtailing Drowsiness Could Reduce Truck Accidents

Truck drivers carry cargo on Missouri roads and across the entire United States. Long trips become necessary as drivers try to reach their destinations on time, but driving all day and into the night can lead to fatigue. Fatigue, regrettably, may lead to an accident. Considering the bulk of a tractor-trailer, these accidents could cause […]

How Do Truck Accidents Happen?

Being involves in a truck collision could prove disastrous for passenger car drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians. Massive trucks that weight thousands of pounds may cause enormous damage. Even at slow speeds, trucks might destroy significant property and cause serious injuries. Travelers on Missouri roads may find it helpful to learn the common reasons for truck […]

Tire Blowout Accidents Can Often Be Avoided

Tire blowouts from large trucks can cause deadly accidents on Missouri roads. However, accidents caused by tire blowouts are often avoidable. First, the blowout itself can be avoided with proper truck maintenance. Second, if a blowout does occur, the driver’s skill can keep a crash from happening if they can stabilize the vehicle. Many people […]

Truckers More Liable to Crash When They Drink More Coffee

In Missouri and across the U.S., truck drivers struggle with staying awake on the job, and many resort to drinking lots of coffee to get by. While this can be advantageous in the short term, researchers say that excessively drinking coffee over the long term can harm drivers’ health and make them more liable to […]

Distracted Truck Drivers Pose a Big Risk on the Road

The Midwest is no stranger to large trucks, which means that Missouri has its fair share of truck accidents. Though some of these accidents can be attributed to faulty vehicles or other drivers, distracted truck drivers pose a big risk to everyone on the road. The laws of physics hold that a larger vehicle will […]

Underlying Causes of Semitruck Crashes

Semitruck crashes can lead to catastrophic injuries for the victims who are struck. For many of these victims, the cause of the crash becomes vitally important because they opt to seek compensation, and this becomes a primary factor in the case. Determining the cause of the wreck isn’t always easy. In fact, it can be a challenge, […]

Deadly Underride Crashes are Often Preventable by Vehicle Guards

Commercial trucks are a major source of risk for smaller passenger vehicles. The size and weight of a commercial truck make it very possible for the vehicle to cause catastrophic damage to the smaller passenger vehicle in a crash. Of the various kinds of collisions that result from a crash between passenger and commercial vehicles, […]

The Trucker Shortage is Impacting Your Safety

There is a shortage of truckers in the United States that is directly impacting commerce. However, some individuals don’t realize that it is also affecting safety on the roads. It is expected that by 2027 there will be a shortage of around 900,000 truckers. This means that the truck drivers who are on the road will […]

What Are Some of the Main Reasons Behind Trucking Accidents?

No matter when you hit the road or where you’re driving, you’re likely to find yourself navigating in close proximity to commercial trucks. When you combine the size of these vehicles with the fact that some truckers don’t follow the rules of the road, it’s easy to see why car-truck accidents are so common. Understanding […]