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Distracted Truck Drivers Pose a Big Risk on the Road

The Midwest is no stranger to large trucks, which means that Missouri has its fair share of truck accidents. Though some of these accidents can be attributed to faulty vehicles or other drivers, distracted truck drivers pose a big risk to everyone on the road.

The laws of physics hold that a larger vehicle will take longer to stop than a smaller one. However, the need to come to a quick halt is higher if a driver has not been paying attention to the road. Even if truck drivers keep their cellphones out of sight, they may still be required by their employer or contractor to pay attention to their dispatch radios and to promptly respond. Truck drivers are also more likely than others to eat behind the wheel, which can be a distraction, however small of one. Additionally, being on the road for hours on end can lead drivers to get drowsy, which means that they are not at their most alert.

All drivers tend to underestimate just how long it takes them to take a quick glance at their cellphones. What may feel like a split second is more likely two or three, and a car can travel quite far during that time. In three seconds on the freeway, a vehicle can travel from one end zone to the other on a professional football field. Even in one second, a car going 50 miles per hour will traverse the length of an entire regular-sized tractor-trailer.

Though all accidents have the potential to be disastrous, a truck accident has more potential to cause serious damage. Victims may want to speak with a personal injury attorney who has experience in those type of cases.