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[ Condemnation & Eminent Domain Lawyer Rolla MO ]

Helping you protect your property from condemnation and eminent domain.

Eminent domain, also referred to as condemnation, is the legal process by which a government entity, and sometimes a private company, is allowed to acquire property for development.

Eminent domain can involve displacing the property owner from their residential or business property in order to achieve the goals of the acquiring entity.

When can the government take land from private property owners?

Under state law, Tax Increment Financing (TIF) allows local governments to take individuals’ private property for private development. However, the Missouri Supreme Court handed down a ruling limiting the use of eminent domain to displace homeowners to further private development.

Eminent domain laws also give the city, county, and state condemning authority to acquire private land from property owners when it is deemed to have a public purpose or a public use, meaning it is in the best interest of the public.

Even when the government or businesses have a legitimate purpose in mind when taking your property, under the law, you are still entitled to just compensation.

How we can help with your eminent domain matter.

At the Rolla-based law firm of Steelman Gaunt Crowley, we represent landowners whose property is acquired through condemnation proceedings.

You have rights. You deserve an attorney who will fight to ensure those rights are respected. You are entitled under the law to full and reasonable compensation for your property.

If a private company is forcing you out of your home, you need an eminent domain attorney right away. We will fight relentlessly to help you stay in your home.

The attorney-client relationship depends on trust. Our lawyers have litigated numerous condemnation cases to ensure property owners are fairly paid for their properties in condemnation and eminent domain cases.

You can count on us to fight diligently on your behalf and give you the legal help you need.

Do you have an eminent domain law issue?

Our firm is focused on the relentless pursuit of justice in all cases. We are committed to achieving just results for you.

Our lawyers want to help protect your property rights in condemnation cases. You can rely on our eminent domain lawyers’ knowledge and expertise when it comes to state laws.

Our attorneys have successfully represented property owners in their eminent domain proceedings and are prepared to protect your property rights.

If you’re facing an eminent domain taking in Missouri, seek legal advice from a lawyer right away. Call us today at (573) 341.8336 or send us an email to arrange your free consultation to discuss your eminent domain law concerns.