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Curtailing Drowsiness Could Reduce Truck Accidents

Truck drivers carry cargo on Missouri roads and across the entire United States. Long trips become necessary as drivers try to reach their destinations on time, but driving all day and into the night can lead to fatigue. Fatigue, regrettably, may lead to an accident. Considering the bulk of a tractor-trailer, these accidents could cause serious injuries and deaths. Truckers should take extra precautions to reduce fatigue on the road, and this advice goes for all drivers of all kinds of vehicles as well.

Using drugs to stay awake is not a good idea because drugs can lead to impairments, which may increase the chances of an collision. Besides being dangerous, driving under the influence is also illegal. Unfortunately, many drivers use stimulants, legal and otherwise, when behind the wheel.

Legal substances such as caffeine and alcohol might create health issues that bring about fatigue. A driver may not be drunk behind the wheel, but drinking too much alcohol during off-hours can create problems when driving too. Alcohol may have a negative, long-term impact on the brain’s neurotransmitters and medulla. Caffeine can block the receptors for the molecule adenosine, which might lead to tiredness.

While not a perfect solution, re-evaluating a sleep schedule could help. A driver who does not get enough sleep may feel fatigued. Taking steps to improve sleep schedules and patterns might lead to some improvements.

Poor diet might also cause fatigue. High-fat and high-sugar diets cause a multitude of problems; a person eating donuts or other sugary snacks might feel a slight rush, but the sugar effects wear off and may lead to a crash, which goes hand-in-hand with fatigue.

Victims hurt in the aftermath of truck accidents may want to hire an attorney to file a lawsuit. The attorney may seek a settlement from an insurance company for compensation. The attorney might also sue the trucking company that hired the driver or even the truck manufacturer. All negligent parties might face litigation.