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Why are Truck Accidents Different from Car Accidents?

Any driver lucky enough to survive a truck accident in Missouri will likely tell you it’s a scary experience. What makes truck accidents different from collisions involving smaller vehicles?

Often involves multiple vehicles

Compared to most vehicles, commercial trucks are larger and harder to stop. Sometimes, a truck hits multiple vehicles during an accident due to its massive size. Because truck accidents often involve more than two parties, it can become hard to determine fault and compensation amounts.

More dangerous

If you’re fortunate, you can walk away from a car accident without any serious injuries. Sadly, this is rarely the case for someone involved in a truck accident. Because of how dangerous truck accidents are, most people hit by these vehicles require extensive medical treatment. Not only are truck accidents likely to cause injuries, but they might also result in deaths.

Larger policies

Understandably, most people involved in automobile accidents want compensation for money lost due to medical costs, missed work and vehicle damage. It’s important to note that insurance policies for truck accidents are often much larger than a typical automobile accident. Sometimes, these policies are worth 40 times more than those paid out after passenger vehicle collisions. Considering the worth of these policies, most truck accident victims contact lawyers for assistance.

As you can see, truck accidents are far different than those involving other vehicles. You may find that a lawyer provides the help you need for this often complex type of legal claim.