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How Truck Companies Can Help Prevent Underride Crashes

When collisions occur between large commercial trucks and smaller passenger vehicles, the smaller vehicle often suffers extensive damage, and the safety of the occupants is at serious risk. In the vast majority of such collisions, the people who get hurt or die are the occupants of the smaller vehicles rather than those in the commercial […]

Driving Safely Around Larger Vehicles

Across Missouri, people utilize the roadways every day for various purposes. Motorcycles, cars, SUVs and trucks all share the same roads and highways. Each of these vehicles is not only unique in their aesthetics, but they also handle differently and have different safety features. Although smaller vehicles may utilize modern safety technology, the reality is […]

Prepare Your Truck for Winter Driving

Truck drivers provide vital goods and services all year round across the United States. The demand for products, such as food and other essential items, does not decrease throughout the winter. Therefore, trucks and commercial vehicles must remain operational whatever the weather. Unfortunately, colder weather conditions bring with them a number of potential road safety […]

2 Ways You Could Increase Your Risk of a Truck Crash

Commercial truck crashes can be the trucker’s or passenger car operator’s fault. You obviously can’t control what a trucker does, so there is no practical way to protect yourself from a crash caused by a trucker’s distraction or exhaustion after working too many long shifts.  However, you can make decisions that will limit the possibility […]

Trucks Have Long Stopping Distances, Which Can Cause Accidents 

If you take one piece of advice about driving near semi-trucks to heart, it should be this: Do not ever pull in front of a truck that is trying to stop.  You often see this at red lights. A truck will start slowing down with a significant gap between it and the light. A car […]

Staying Safe When You’re Driving Near 18-wheel Trucks

We’ve all shared the highway in Missouri with them at some time – those enormous 18-wheel big rigs that are vastly taller, heavier and longer than our cars. They can be intimidating when you are traveling near them, but being scared isn’t enough to keep you safe around a huge commercial motor vehicle. What does […]

Why are Truck Accidents Different from Car Accidents?

Any driver lucky enough to survive a truck accident in Missouri will likely tell you it’s a scary experience. What makes truck accidents different from collisions involving smaller vehicles? Often involves multiple vehicles Compared to most vehicles, commercial trucks are larger and harder to stop. Sometimes, a truck hits multiple vehicles during an accident due […]

Who’s Liable After a Truck Accident Takes Place in Missouri?

Unfortunately, getting behind the wheel means accepting the risk of being in a collision with another vehicle. When you’re dealing with the aftermath of a trucking accident, it’s imperative to learn who’s liable. Here is information to help you understand who you might be able to file a legal claim against after a truck accident. […]

Semi Driver Injured in Chain-Reaction Crash

Drivers in Missouri and around the country should reduce speed and remain alert when driving in bad weather and on slippery road surfaces, and this is especially true when they are behind the wheels of semi-tractor trailers. It is not uncommon to encounter disabled vehicles and slow-moving traffic when highways are icy and shrouded in […]