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Prepare Your Truck for Winter Driving

Truck drivers provide vital goods and services all year round across the United States. The demand for products, such as food and other essential items, does not decrease throughout the winter. Therefore, trucks and commercial vehicles must remain operational whatever the weather.

Unfortunately, colder weather conditions bring with them a number of potential road safety hazards. Not only are road surfaces themselves compromised, but crucial functions of your vehicle can also be affected. Importantly, there are some simple steps you can take to increase your safety during the colder months. Outlined below are some key ways to prepare your truck for winter driving.

Check your tires  

First of all, if you are constantly driving in cold conditions, you should have tires installed that are up to the task. Winter tires have a different composition from regular tires, which can help to ensure optimal traction on road surfaces.

Once appropriate tires have been installed, they must also be maintained on a regular basis. Cold temperatures can cause the tires to deflate, and a sudden loss in air pressure can increase the potential for accidents.

Test the battery

The battery on your vehicle will probably have to do more work than usual during winter. You will be using your lights on a more frequent basis as well as the internal heating systems. Batteries can be 30-50% less effective during colder conditions, meaning that your vehicle could malfunction. Not only can a vehicle malfunction cause you to break down on the side of the road, it significantly increases the possibility of a vehicular collision.

It is vital to ensure that you are safe on the roads during winter. In Missouri, you also have legal rights in the event that you have been injured in a road traffic accident.