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Driving Safely Around Larger Vehicles

Across Missouri, people utilize the roadways every day for various purposes. Motorcycles, cars, SUVs and trucks all share the same roads and highways.

Each of these vehicles is not only unique in their aesthetics, but they also handle differently and have different safety features. Although smaller vehicles may utilize modern safety technology, the reality is that they are just never going to fare well in an accident with a larger vehicle. Fortunately, you might be able to prevent an accident from occurring. Outlined below are some tips on how to drive safely around larger vehicles.

Think about blind spots

All vehicles have blind spots, including your own. These are areas around the vehicle where your vision is obstructed to the point that you cannot see someone in that space. In larger vehicles, these blind spots are large. Generally, if you cannot see a truck driver then they cannot see you. If it is practical, you should try to avoid a truck’s blind spots at all times.

Pass safely

Smaller vehicles are often capable of reaching higher speeds than trucks. This means that at some point, they may need to overtake one. Passing a larger vehicle is a bit more complex than overtaking a standard-sized car. As mentioned above, you need to be wary of blind spots. You should avoid overtaking a truck on the right-hand side for this reason. The right-hand side of a larger vehicle is one of the more dangerous places to be. Ultimately, you should avoid it. If you do find yourself here, be extra vigilant.

There are numerous hazards on the roads in Missouri, and trucks are among them. If you have been injured in a traffic collision, you might be able to pursue a claim for legal compensation.