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How Can You Spot Emotional Abuse in Nursing Homes

When you take your loved one to the nursing home, you hope the staff will treat them with love, dignity and utmost professionalism. Unfortunately, abuse in nursing homes is widely documented. One of the most common, yet difficult to detect, forms of abuse in nursing homes is emotional abuse. The power discrepancy between nursing home […]

3 Kinds of Financial Abuse That Occur in Nursing Homes

Residents in nursing homes are quite vulnerable. They often can’t physically leave the facility and depend on staff members for their basic needs. Some workers will neglect the residents in their care, but some will engage in abusive behavior toward nursing home residents.  People worry about physical and emotional abuse, but financial abuse is also a common […]

Inadequate Staff and Cleaning Can Hurt Nursing Home Residents

Humans are messy animals. We produce all kinds of bodily fluids and have large communities of bacteria and other organisms living on and in our bodies. When multiple people live in close proximity to one another, the potential for germ sharing is very real, as is the gradual but noticeable accumulation of filth. Nursing homes […]

Recognizing the Signs of Nursing Home Abuse May Save a Life

Missouri residents who place their loved ones in nursing homes hope that those loved ones will receive the medical care, comfort and kindness that they would have received were they taken care of at home. When a family finds out that their loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse, it can be extremely […]

How Can You Prove Nursing Home Abuse?

Nursing home abuse can be traumatizing for both the victim and their family members. If your loved one has suffered from nursing home abuse in the state of Missouri, you may be thinking about filing a lawsuit against the facility. A successful lawsuit might help you and your loved one receive monetary compensation for their […]

Man Discharged from Nursing Home, Abandoned in Rain

There can be many reasons why an elderly patient might be discharged from a nursing home. Their conditions may improve to the point where they no longer need such close medical supervision. A relative or close friend may open their own home to them. Sadly, another reason is that their insurance no longer covers their […]

Neglect in Nursing Homes and Communication Challenges

Nursing home residents count on the staff members to handle their needs. When the workers neglect their duties, the residents can suffer great harm. It is critical that anyone who has a loved one living in a nursing facility pay close attention to what’s going on, so they can help to stop neglect in its […]

Bedsores are a Major Warning Sign of Nursing Home Neglect

When someone has trouble standing or walking on their own, especially as they age, they will likely start to spend the majority of their day in bed or a chair. Staying in the same place will drastically reduce their risk of a fall that could leave them with severe injuries or even a fracture that […]

Nursing Home Negligence isn’t ever Permissible

Having a loved one who resides in a nursing facility isn’t easy. You have to place your trust in the staff members who are charged with meeting your family member’s needs. While many people live in nursing facilities that provide excellent care, there are some that are seriously lacking the care and attention they deserve. […]

Emotional Abuse in Nursing Homes is Atrocious and Must Be Stopped

Nursing home residents count on health care workers to handle many tasks for them. They also count on being able to socialize with their fellow residents. Unfortunately, some residents don’t have the chance to live the lives they deserve because they are dealing with the effects of emotional abuse in the nursing home. This type of abuse […]