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Inadequate Staff and Cleaning Can Hurt Nursing Home Residents

Humans are messy animals. We produce all kinds of bodily fluids and have large communities of bacteria and other organisms living on and in our bodies. When multiple people live in close proximity to one another, the potential for germ sharing is very real, as is the gradual but noticeable accumulation of filth.

Nursing homes exist in part to provide support for those who can’t live on their own any longer. Unfortunately, when the staff members don’t have enough time, the residents won’t get the care that they need to stay healthy and safe. It is a disturbingly common practice for nursing homes to keep less staff on hand than they need to provide safe and clean facilities.

More nursing homes are understaffed than not

Many nursing home facilities are for-profit businesses operated with the aim of generating revenue for shareholders. This means that the company will try to generate ever-increasing levels of profit from residents whose needs likely also increase every year that they age.

Companies may have to cut back on what they pay staff or how many hours they are scheduled to continue making money. Fewer staff members on hand means that less cleaning gets done. Workers may barely be able to provide for the physical needs of residents, let alone keep the rooms adequately clean. Unclean nursing homes can easily spread disease and even infestations, ranging from scabies to lice, that could make people sick or even cause dangerous secondary infections.

If you notice visible messes or other signs of lack of cleanliness in a nursing home, you may need to take action. Documenting the conditions and notifying managers of the issue may prompt them to change their practices. If they don’t, you may need to consider moving your loved one to another facility or even filing a lawsuit against the nursing home.