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Nursing Home Negligence isn’t ever Permissible

Having a loved one who resides in a nursing facility isn’t easy. You have to place your trust in the staff members who are charged with meeting your family member’s needs. While many people live in nursing facilities that provide excellent care, there are some that are seriously lacking the care and attention they deserve. Watching for signs that something is amiss can help you to determine when you need to take steps to ensure that negligence isn’t happening at the facility.

There are many different types of negligence and abuse that can occur at nursing facilities. Some are very obvious, such as when physical abuse is present. You might notice that your loved one has frequent bruising and cuts. This is a sign that something serious is going on, and it does require an investigation.

Another sign that something is wrong is when the facility isn’t clean. Sanitation is a big requirement for nursing homes because many of the residents may have weakened immune systems. This is also a sign that employees aren’t taking their job duties seriously, or that the facility is simply understaffed.

Sometimes, the key point is that the residents aren’t dressed appropriately or they seem unkempt. Some might need to have help with basic self care, so they need assistance with showering, toileting and dressing. If you notice that your loved one has body odor or complains of frequent accidents, you might need to look into why there isn’t enough staff on hand to help with those needs.

Nursing home negligence is a problem that can’t be ignored. You may have to file a complaint with the administration, and legal action is sometimes necessary to get issues corrected. No resident in a nursing home deserves to receive substandard care.