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How Can Taking the Same Route to Work Be Dangerous?

They say familiarity breeds contempt. When it comes to commuting to work, it is more likely to breed complacency. While knowing a route comes with many advantages, driving the same route day after day can also lead to danger. Here are a few examples of why: You get to know where the cameras are Once […]

Driver Distraction Increases the Risk of a Crash

It takes seconds to prevent or cause a crash, and drivers are advised to be fully attentive whenever they are behind the wheel. However, it is not always the case. Many drivers downplay the risk associated with distracted driving, which comes at a deadly cost. Close to a million accidents resulting in thousands of fatalities are caused […]

Lacerations are Serious Injuries that Require Medical Attention

After an auto collision, you may have serious injuries that you need to have seen by a medical professional. One kind of injury that is common is a laceration. A laceration is a deep cut or tear of the skin. It may go through the layers of skin as well as muscles or into the […]

Human Error is a Leading Cause of Car Wrecks

When you wake up and get behind the wheels, you trust that your driving skills will get you to your destination safely. Unfortunately, accidents happen; and they are caused by a wide range of factors: Bad weather, third-party negligence and poor vehicle and road conditions among others. Most car accidents are preventable. However, according to […]

Determining Fault in a Blind Spot Accident

Blind spots are some of the everyday road hazards you should be wary of whenever you are on the road. Given that all vehicles have blind spots, it is necessary to be very observant whenever you are behind the wheel and ensure you are visible to the other drivers at all times. Accidents involving blind […]

Drowsy Driving Statistics That May Shock You

Drowsy driving is a serious problem that affects people on the roads every day. When someone doesn’t get enough sleep, is bored or is affected by drugs or alcohol, they may become drowsy and potentially fall asleep behind the wheel. If that happens, then they could cause a serious collision. It is believed that around 100,000 […]

Will Insurance Be Enough to Cover Your Crash Expenses?

Every driver in Missouri should have insurance on their vehicle. When someone doesn’t stop at an intersection or merges into the side of your SUV because they had their eyes on their phone instead of on the road, their insurance will reimburse you. Missouri has a fault-based insurance system, so the driver who causes the […]

What Kind of Evidence Do You Need Following a Car Accident?

A car accident can turn your life upside down. One moment you are doing everything you should to stay safe on the road. Then next, you are in a life and death situation. If you are hurt in an accident that was not your fault, you may be eligible for compensation for your injury, property […]

Can You Sustain a Severe Hand Injury in an Auto Accident?

If you are in an auto accident in Missouri, you can definitely get a major hand injury as a result. Most of us think of other types of physical problems associated with the aftermath of car collisions, such as head and neck injuries, but other kinds of major bodily harm can come from car crashes […]

Who is Liable if Someone Hits You with a Company Car?

Insurance adjusters, sales professionals, contractors and delivery drivers are just a few of the people who often use company-owned vehicles for work. Just like any other driver on the road, however, someone behind the wheel of a company car or truck can make mistakes and cause a crash. If you’re injured in a collision with […]