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Lacerations are Serious Injuries that Require Medical Attention

After an auto collision, you may have serious injuries that you need to have seen by a medical professional. One kind of injury that is common is a laceration. A laceration is a deep cut or tear of the skin. It may go through the layers of skin as well as muscles or into the bone. In some cases, lacerations may cut through arteries, and those could potentially be life-threatening.

Depending on the severity of the laceration, it’s possible that you could need surgery to clean out the wound before stitching it shut. You may also need a blood transfusion if the injury has resulted in substantial blood loss.

Different kinds of lacerations influence your care

There are a few different types of lacerations, such as:

  • Split lacerations, which happen when the compression of the skin results in it tearing open
  • Cut lacerations, which are from sharp objects cutting the skin
  • Over-stretching lacerations, which happen when the skin is pulled apart
  • Grinding/compression lacerations, which occur because of skin being brushed and grinded off

Each kind has the potential to be serious. With major lacerations, there is an increased risk of bleeding, infection and scarring. Someone with lacerations could end up with disfiguring wounds, which is something else to keep in mind during treatment and a subsequent personal injury case.

What should you do if you’re injured in a wreck?

Your priority should be to seek medical attention as soon as possible. With these types of injuries, it’s possible that you won’t be in any kind of position to exchange information with others or speak with the police. Put yourself first, and wait until you’re medically stable to reach out to talk to officers or witnesses.

You may have a personal injury case

Once you’re on the road to recovery, keep copies of your medical documents. You can give these and other information to your attorney. Then, they can contact the insurance company or others to determine the best way for you to seek compensation for the pain and suffering that you have been put through.