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Determining Fault in a Blind Spot Accident

Blind spots are some of the everyday road hazards you should be wary of whenever you are on the road. Given that all vehicles have blind spots, it is necessary to be very observant whenever you are behind the wheel and ensure you are visible to the other drivers at all times.

Accidents involving blind spots are far too common, especially when trucks are involved. Their huge size makes it impossible for the driver to have complete visibility of the area around their vehicle. Such accidents mainly occur in these scenarios:

  • When changing or merging lanes
  • When backing up
  • When cyclists or pedestrians are not visible to the driver due to their lack of prominence compared to other vehicles

Who is at fault?

Like every other accident, fault depends on the circumstances of the crash. Remember that a blind spot does not excuse a driver from responsibility in the case of a collision. Drivers are required to be aware of their environment at all times — including their vehicle’s blind spots. Meanwhile, other drivers are continuously reminded to be cautious when passing through another vehicle’s blind spots, especially when they’re around semitrucks.

Determining fault means looking deeper into the crash. For instance, who had the right of way? Did either driver violate traffic rules? All these are factors to consider when assigning fault in a blind spot accident.

Missouri is a pure comparative fault state

Missouri recognizes the doctrine of comparative negligence. It means that you will receive compensation for any damages relative to your contribution to the accident. For instance, if the total damages equate to $1000 and the other driver was 80% at fault for the accident, you will receive only $800 since you were 20% responsible for your own losses.

Should you find yourself in a blind spot accident, it is necessary to safeguard your legal rights by taking informed actions. You deserve adequate compensation for any injuries caused by someone else’s mistakes.