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How Long Does a Missouri Truck Accident Claim Take?

A truck accident can result in catastrophic and life-threatening injuries. It can also cause severe damage as well. When someone is injured in a Missouri truck accident, they want to receive compensation for their injuries and losses sooner than later. They may have to deal with mounting medical expenses, the inability to return to work, […]

Who Can Bring A Claim For Wrongful Death In Missouri?

The Missouri Revisor of Statutes states that a wrongful death is when an individual dies due toan act, occurrence, conduct, circumstance, or transaction, which, if the death did not happen,would have allowed the individual to receive damages. Essentially, this means a wrongful deathclaim is essentially a personal injury claim that resulted in an individual’s death. […]

The Importance of Preserving Truck Accident Evidence

According to the Missouri Department of Transportation’s 2021 report, 156 people lost their lives accidents in the state of Missouri involving a commercial vehicle. Even more victims suffered injuries and losses as a result of catastrophic truck accidents. In many cases, trucking companies will quickly have a team of their insurance adjusters and investigators at a truck […]

Questions To Ask A Personal Injury Lawyer

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2020 saw approximately 131 million emergency room visits for serious personal injuries resulting from someone else’s negligence, including falls, car accidents, dog bites, medical malpractice, trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, and more. Understanding what questions to ask a personal injury attorney can help you understand your legal rights […]

Do You Have to Use FMLA When You Are on Workers’ Comp?

Workers’ compensation and the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) are two legal protections for employees in the United States. Can an employer require an employee to use FMLA and workers comp simultaneously? Learn the specific circumstances that may lead to that situation. If you have questions about workers comp, please consider scheduling a consultation […]