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How Long Does a Missouri Truck Accident Claim Take?

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A truck accident can result in catastrophic and life-threatening injuries. It can also cause severe damage as well. When someone is injured in a Missouri truck accident, they want to receive compensation for their injuries and losses sooner than later. They may have to deal with mounting medical expenses, the inability to return to work, and the immediate lack of a vehicle. These demands are urgent, but addressing a truck accident claim takes time. Many Missouri truck accident victims ask the question: How long does a Missouri truck accident claim take? The short answer is easy—it depends. Every case is different, and Steelman Gaunt Crowley may be able to help evaluate your case to determine your options and a timeline. Contact us for more information by calling (573) 341-8336.

The Timeline of a Missouri Truck Accident Claim

Every case is slightly different, but most car accident cases in Missouri will follow the same general timeline. The timeline below can occur over several months, or it might take several years to complete the claim process. In most situations, the more severe the case, the more likely the timeline will be longer due to more complex facts.  

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

Truck accidents are extremely stressful because they often result in severe and devastating injuries. The very first item that needs to be addressed after a truck accident is that everyone needs to seek urgent medical attention if they need it. In fact, getting medical care right after an accident is often a good idea, even if the damages or injuries seem minor. Addressing injuries right away after a crash can sometimes decrease their long-term effects, so immediate medical care and any related follow-up care is critical. 

Consider Contacting an Attorney and the Insurance Company

In many situations, an insurance company will immediately contact truck accident victims to discuss the case with them. The insurance adjuster wants to gather information while memories are fresh to obtain an accurate description of what happened. However, some claims adjusters will also try to get truck accident victims to admit fault or use what they say against them later. As a result, it is often important to consider visiting with a Missouri truck accident attorney before giving a statement to an insurance company. 

An insurance company will usually start gathering information right away after a truck accident. This process can be relatively quick, but it will take longer in serious accidents or crashes involving several vehicles. Truck accident cases tend to be more complicated because they often involve several parties, such as the truck driver, the company that owns the truck, the company that owns the items the truck was hauling, and the truck accident victim. Generally, an insurance company’s fact-gathering process will often take a few weeks to a few months. 

Starting a Lawsuit

An insurance company will often try to negotiate with the truck accident victim to settle their claim before any lawsuit is filed. This process can take a few months, or it can take a few years. However, the insurance company will usually not make any substantial settlement offers until after they complete their factual investigation. If the insurance company cannot resolve the case with the truck accident victim for a reasonable amount, then the truck accident victim can start a formal lawsuit against the at-fault driver. 

Remember that every case is different, so the timeline for each claim will be different. A Missouri truck accident lawyer will often be able to review your specific situation to provide an estimated timeline for your claim. Steelman Gaunt Crowley can help answer your questions and provide you with all of your legal options. 

Is There a Time Limit to Start a Missouri Truck Accident Lawsuit? 

A truck accident victim can usually start their legal claim whenever they would like as long as it does not go outside the legal time limit to file these types of claims in Missouri. This time limit to file claims is called the statute of limitations, and that period under Missouri law is five years for personal injury cases. Missouri law reduces the time limit to three years if someone was killed in a truck accident.

Factors that Affect the Missouri Truck Accident Timeline

How long does a Missouri truck accident claim take? It will depend on a variety of factors. In general, the more complicated or severe the truck accident, the longer a case will take. Below are just a few factors that will likely affect the timeline of a case.

  • Availability of Evidence. A case will often take more time if the evidence about the accident is sparse or difficult to obtain. A truck accident attorney will often gather evidence that includes police records or accident reports, camera footage, dash cam information from the truck, statements from witnesses, medical evidence, and more. If both parties can gather evidence quickly and efficiently, the case will usually take less time. 
  • The extent of the Injuries. Serious injuries take time to heal. The more severe the injury, the more likely there will be complications in the healing process as well. Truck accident victims may need extensive medical treatment and might need to consult with experts about their future medical care. In many situations, victims simply need to wait to see how well they heal before they can fully understand how their injuries will affect their life in the future. 
  • Number of Parties Involved. Truck accident cases will often involve several parties and several insurance companies. In general, the more parties involved, the slower the general progression of the case will be. Truck accident victims might have claims against the truck driver, driver’s employer, cargo loader, owner of the cargo, any individuals or companies that performed maintenance on the truck, and more. 

Severe cases will usually move slower than cases that involve minor injuries. Because truck accidents often cause injuries that are more serious than the average car crash, truck accident cases will usually take longer than a passenger vehicle accident. 

Contact an Experienced Missouri Truck Accident Attorney

An experienced attorney will help you answer the question: How long does a Missouri truck accident claim take? Our experienced and compassionate truck accident attorneys can help you understand all of your legal rights and help ensure that you understand all of your options. Contact our dedicated Missouri truck accident attorneys at Steelman Gaunt Crowley to learn more by calling (573) 341-8336 today.