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Why You May Want to Settle a Case Outside of Court

It isn’t uncommon for personal injury cases in Missouri and other states to be resolved out of court. This is because it generally takes less time and money to negotiate a settlement than it does to take a case to trial. According to one study, it can cost more than $100,000 to resolve a motor vehicle accident case at trial. The study found that it typically costs less than $10,000 to settle the same type of case outside of court.

You know what the outcome is ahead of time

There is no guarantee that you will obtain a favorable outcome in your case if it goes to trial. In fact, research has shown that defendants may have an advantage in civil cases that are decided by juries. By agreeing to a settlement, you know exactly what you’ll get from the defendant now and in the future.

Trials can take years to complete

It isn’t uncommon for trials to last for many months or years. You may be required to take time off from work to testify or otherwise take part in legal proceedings related to your case. In addition to potentially losing money, a court case can harm your mental health. Therefore, settling may be in your best interest even if you think that you could get a larger financial award by taking your case to trial.

A settlement can be reached after a trial begins

The parties to a civil lawsuit can agree to a settlement at any time before or during a trial. Your attorney may be able to provide more insight as to whether it makes sense to pursue mediation in your case. If mediation doesn’t work, you retain the right to take the matter back to court.

If you have been hurt in an accident, an MVA attorney may represent your interests inside or outside of court. It may be possible to receive a settlement that provides money to pay medical bills or reimburse you for other damages.