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Why Don’t More Motorcycle Riders Wear Visibility Gear?

There is little question that statistically, motorcycles are more dangerous for people than enclosed motor vehicles. Even if the individual motorcycle rider has expert-level skills, the risk is always there that another driver will strike them and cause an accident. Lack of visibility is always a concern for those on motorcycles. 

Motorcycle riders can protect themselves in multiple different ways. They can learn defensive driving tactics that keep them safer on the road. They can wear helmets to protect them from potentially fatal injuries if they get into a crash. They can also wear visibility gear like the kind often seen on joggers and cyclists. Why do so many motorcycle enthusiasts refuse to wear visibility gear?

Bright colors seem to clash with traditional motorcycle aesthetics

If you had to prioritize the concerns of most motorcycle riders, fashion probably wouldn’t be at the top of the list. However, a survey of motorcyclists uncovered that the appearance of visibility gear is the main reason why people refuse to use it. 

The bright neon yellow, green and orange commonly used in such gear seems embarrassing or weird to those who have historically always ridden in pure black leather or synthetic gear. Not only do they worry about how they look on the road, but they also worry about how that gear might affect their interactions with people when they go out in public. 

While all-black visibility gear isn’t really an option, not all outerwear that aims to improve visibility has to be embarrassing. Motorcycle riders hoping to avoid serious collisions may want to explore the various ways they can protect themselves, including visibility gear.

Even though visibility is a big part of safety, every motorcyclist has a right to be on the road without fearing for their safety from negligent or distracted drivers. If you’re injured in a motorcycle wreck due to another driver’s error, make sure you pursue fair compensation for your losses.