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Which Types of Collisions Most Commonly Result in Injuries or Deaths?

Countless car accidents happen every day. While some of them result in no apparent injuries, many of them leave individuals clinging to their lives — or with injuries that will forever alter their paths.

Whether someone gets seriously hurt in a wreck has a lot to do with the accident type. Some are more inherently dangerous than others. You may find it helpful to learn about the different accident types so that you can take measures to avoid them. 

The frequency rates of certain fatal crashes

National Safety Council (NSC) data shows that at least 40% of motor vehicle fatalities result from a collision between two motor vehicles. Just over 25% of motorists die after colliding into a fixed object. Pedestrian accidents and rollovers account for the third and fourth highest vehicular fatality rate.

The NSC statistics also show that collisions between two or more cars contributed to nearly 80% of all motorist injuries. That same data shows that single-vehicle crashes, pedestrian accidents and rollovers most commonly result in fatalities. 

Angle collisions tend to be the most deadly type of crash. While rear-end, head-on and sideswipe collisions may cause a motorist’s injuries, they don’t kill at the same rate that angle collisions do.

NSC data shows that distractions, fatigue and poor vehicle maintenance are often to blame for crashes. Fortunately, Missouri law may allow you to hold any motorist who engaged in reckless driving behaviors liable for their indiscretions. 

When you’ve been seriously injured in a wreck, it’s time to seek help

Even when your injuries in a wreck are severe and liability is clear, insurance companies are seldom eager to pay a fair settlement. Working with an experienced attorney can help you obtain the compensation you truly deserve.