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Trucker Fatigue Might Increase Near the Holidays

As the nation enjoys the start of the Christmas season, truckers might be dealing with an increase in hours worked and miles driven as they carry merchandise and gifts all across the country. This is probably good for their bank accounts since they might make more money, but it can also be very dangerous for them and the other people who are on the roads with them.

One issue that comes up in these cases is trucker fatigue. While it is true that there are limitations to how many hours truckers can drive and how many they must rest between shifts, the constant strain on the body and mind might be more than what they expected. We know that no trucker gets into their rig with the intention of hurting someone, but it is still possible for them to be negligent if they are driving while fatigued.

If you are struck by a semitruck this holiday season, you might be in for a long road to recovery. The injuries that come from these large and heavy trucks slamming into a smaller vehicle can range from bruising or broken bones to spinal cord damage and head injuries. The severity of the injuries might impact your future.

We know that you are probably ready to just get back to your normal life, but that might not be the same now. If you have significant injuries or have suffered great financial damages due to the crash, we can help you seek compensation. We will review the evidence with you and help you determine where to focus your efforts.