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Troubling Symptoms Can Come Weeks After a Crash

Victims of car wrecks often face serious injuries, but these might not show up right away. It is imperative that anyone who is in a crash takes the time to do self evaluations, so they can determine if there is anything amiss. Any signs of an injury must be addressed immediately.

Some injuries, such as concussions, might show up days or weeks after the accident. If you have signs of this, including a headache that doesn’t go away, dizziness or nausea, you should contact your doctor. You might need to go on brain rest, which means you cut out screen time and just rest. In some cases, the headache is due to bleeding under the skull. This can require surgery and is a medical emergency because of the pressure on the skull.

Another common injury is whiplash, which occurs in conjunction with a concussion sometimes. It is caused when the head is jerked around due to the force of the crash. This puts tension on the neck, which can lead to a strain or to dislocated vertebrae. While most cases require only rest and physical therapy, serious ones may need surgery.

You might also suffer from a spinal cord injury, which is a medical emergency. This can lead to paralysis and other serious life-changing effects. Stabilization of the spinal cord and neck at the scene of the accident and until a diagnosis is made might help to prevent further injury.

Other injuries are also possible. If you feel any pain or other symptoms that you find troubling, seek out medical care. From there, you might opt to seek compensation for the injuries. There are time limits that apply to this situation, so be sure you act quickly.