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The Trucker Shortage is Impacting Your Safety

There is a shortage of truckers in the United States that is directly impacting commerce. However, some individuals don’t realize that it is also affecting safety on the roads. It is expected that by 2027 there will be a shortage of around 900,000 truckers. This means that the truck drivers who are on the road will have to push the legal limits for driving as well as their own limits. This isn’t a good situation for anyone on the roads.

There are a few reasons why the number of truckers on the road will continue to decrease. One is that the average age of truckers is currently 55 years old. The average retirement age in this industry is 63. As these experienced truckers are aging out of the business, new ones aren’t coming in at the same pace.

Another issue that is plaguing truckers is the current push to have all semitrucks on the road use electronic log devices that are installed in the cab of the vehicle. These are costly to install, so the requirement is pushing some owner-operators out of business.

While the trucking industry tries to recruit new drivers, it also has to figure out how it can keep the roads safe. Inexperience coupled with long working hours and tedious routes can lead to crashes. These can harm innocent people on the roads, and they might also lead to claims for compensation to help cover the financial costs of these wrecks. Victims of crashes that are caused by an negligent or reckless truck driver or a problem with the truck should determine who can and should be held liable.