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Survey on Distracted Driving Uncovers Several Concerns

Drivers in Missouri may think for the most part that they are safe drivers, yet at the same time, they may engage in distracting activities like calling, texting, eating, drinking and adjusting the radio while behind the wheel. A survey commissioned by the artificial intelligence company Netradyne has found this trend and brought up other concerning matters.

Who was involved in the survey

From February 25 to March 10, 2020, a total of 1,248 Americans, all 18 or older, holding a standard license and using a car at least once a week, participated in the Netradyne survey. An overwhelming 91% believed themselves to be safe drivers, and only less than half said there’s room for improvement in their driving.

Yet respondents admitted to being frequently distracted. Drinking liquids was the most common whereas the one with the greatest consequences was social media use. In fact, 20% were fined or received points on their license for distracted driving, and one in seven were in a crash and either suffered injuries or totaled their vehicle.

Driving is becoming less safe

Half of the respondents were concerned that driving is becoming less and less safe, and 82% believed that distractions, in particular, are becoming more prevalent. The results underscore the need for defensive driving and greater care in avoiding distractions. Technology, even AI, can assist as well.

Filing a claim against a negligent driver

Some motor vehicle accidents can lead to a personal injury claim, and if you believe your situation calls for it, you may want a lawyer to confirm your belief. Not only that, but the lawyer may also help with each step of the filing, such as by hiring crash investigators and medical experts to gather evidence of negligence and to measure the extent of your injuries. You may have the lawyer represent you at the negotiation table.