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Car Accident Attorney Jefferson City, MO

Car Accident Attorney Jefferson City, MO

Were you recently injured in a car accident in Missouri? You could be eligible to file a personal injury claim for financial compensation, but hiring a car accident attorney is wise. Jefferson City, MO, victims must hold the responsible party liable!

Traffic accidents usually happen because someone was negligent. For example, drivers might be talking or texting on a smartphone. Similarly, drivers might be speeding or driving too closely to the car in front.

Collisions happen for many reasons, such as a motorist who’s too tired to drive or a person drinking too much alcohol and driving anyway. If another driver was responsible for your injuries, you need Steelman Gaunt Crowley to help you get financial compensation.

Please use the online form or call (573) 341.8336 to request a free consultation today. Someone from our law office will look at the case to see if you have a personal injury claim!

What Should You Do After a Car Accident?

After being in a car accident in Jefferson City, MO, residents should focus on the steps below to ensure they get better and have the proof needed to file a car accident claim:

  • Stop the Vehicle – The first step after your car accident is to stop the vehicle. Missouri law requires this. If you don’t do it, you could incur criminal charges. Ensure you pull over into a safe location and exchange contact/insurance information with anyone else involved.
  • Report the Incident to the Police – If there were fatalities or injuries because of the accident, you must call the police and tell them. They will come and create a report. This is a crucial piece of evidence.
  • Get Medical Care – Severe injuries will require immediate emergency care. However, if you feel fine, you should still get evaluated by a doctor. This will protect your overall health and be more evidence for the personal injury claim.
  • Document Everything – Take pictures of both vehicles while on the accident scene. This includes the license plates, damages, and more. You can also photograph skid marks, road conditions, and weather. Missouri is considered an at-fault state, so you want enough proof to show that you weren’t 50 percent or more liable.
  • Call a Car Accident Attorney – Contact a lawyer before speaking to an insurance adjuster. They can use any information you provide against you, and it’s wise to let us do the talking because we’ll protect you during the legal process.

Types of Car Accidents We Assist With

Our car accident attorneys can help victims with various car accident claims, such as:

  • Intersection crashes
  • Chain-reaction collisions
  • Rollover collisions
  • Aggressive driving accidents
  • Auto accidents involving bicyclists
  • Left-turn accidents
  • Car accidents at construction sites
  • Parking lot accidents
  • Rear-end crashes
  • Red-light accidents
  • Head-on collisions
  • Distracted driving crashes
  • T-bone accidents
  • Fatigued driving collisions
  • Collisions involving pedestrians
  • Reckless driving crashes
  • Intoxicated driving accidents

Choose an Attorney with Experience

Most people know they require a car accident attorney in Jefferson City, MO, to help them obtain financial compensation for their injuries. The first step is usually to file a claim. 

Missouri is an at-fault state, so many victims can file a first-party claim with their insurance company or file a third-party claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. However, a lawyer will negotiate with either one to get the highest settlement amount possible.

We Fight Hard for You

If you were hurt in a car crash, you’ve got medical bills, time off work, and many other issues to consider. Missouri law allows you to seek financial compensation for any economic or intangible losses you’ve incurred. However, insurance companies want to pay little or nothing, so working with a car accident attorney in Jefferson City, MO, is wise. 

Our team can help you secure maximum settlement amounts for the following:

  • Physical impairment, disfigurement, and disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Wrongful death of a family member
  • Loss of earning power and lost wages
  • Hospital and other medical bills
  • Emergency medical treatment
  • Property damage, such as vehicle repairs

How Long Do You Have to File a Car Accident Claim?

Missouri law requires victims of car accidents to file lawsuits within five years of the collision date. Though this seems like plenty of time, gathering evidence can take a while. Likewise, getting the proof as soon as possible is better to avoid complications later.

Why Call Us

Steelman Gaunt Crowley is dedicated to representing victims of car accidents. We offer personalized representation and can help you get the maximum compensation you deserve. 

Our team has years of experience and has served the Jefferson City community well. We understand that you’re in pain and deserve compensation due to someone else’s negligence. Please call us at (573) 341.8336 for a free case evaluation, or use the online form to get in touch.

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