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Negligence in Nursing Homes Can Lead to Serious Problems

Many individuals who are in nursing homes are vulnerable and depend completely on the people who are there to take care of them. When those workers don’t take their job duties seriously, the residents are the ones who can suffer. In some cases, this can lead to negligence, which can lead to serious issues for the residents.

One possible issue that comes up with negligence in a nursing home is unsanitary living conditions. There are specific laws that govern what is expected of nursing homes in the areas of cleanliness, security and safety. The area where conditions aren’t sanitary can have a part in how the residents react. For example, an unclean food preparation area could lead to sicknesses in residents that might manifest as gastrointestinal upset. Unclean restrooms in the patient area might lead to infections or even falls if there are items strewn on the floor.

Another issue that might come up is poor hygiene. These residents might need help with basic personal care, but the workers might skip over this aspect of the job. This could leave the residents without proper baths or tooth brushing habits. Both of these can lead to health issues. For example, not brushing the teeth could lead to oral infections and other problems.

Many residents will need help with mobility. This is a big challenge in nursing homes because there may be multiple people who need help with urgent tasks, such as going to the restroom. Failing to provide this could lead to them not making it to the bathroom on time. This opens up the possibility of infection due to having to remain in bodily fluids or waste, as well as infections that come from trying to “hold it” for as long as possible.

When residents suffer from negligence, they may have an increase in anguish and expenses. They may decide that they are going to seek compensation to help address those issues and stop the negligence from occurring.