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Neglect and Abuse in Nursing Homes are Horrific

When your loved one is in a nursing home, your top priority has to be making sure they are being taken care of in a suitable manner. The staff members at the facility are being paid to take care of the residents; however, some of these individuals take full advantage of the vulnerabilities of the people they care for. This can lead to neglect or abuse, both of which are horrible.

One of the things that you have to watch for is a sign that they aren’t being helped in the appropriate manner. This can mean that they aren’t being helped to the toilet when they need to go or that they aren’t being given food and water. For some nursing home residents, being fully dependent on others for help with daily life tasks is difficult.

Some of the signs of neglect might seem insignificant or be hard to spot. You might see that they are losing weight or that they don’t seem clean. There is a chance that they will have bedsores or other tissue damage that is coming from them not being moved or shifted as necessary.

Physical abuse is another problem that is prevalent in some nursing homes. The staff members might hit the residents out of frustration or anger. This isn’t ever acceptable, so be sure to ask many questions and take action if you notice any bruising or other injuries on your loved one.

Remember that some nursing home residents don’t want to cause problems, so they might not say anything about the way they are being treated. You have to be their voice. We are here to help you.