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Motorcycle Safety Tips

Motorcycle riders in Missouri can reduce their odds of becoming involved in an accident by familiarizing themselves with a few basic safety techniques. It may also be a good idea for new riders to participate in classes.

Before mounting a motorcycle, the rider should understand that safety gear not only protects the rider from injuries but will also help prevent motorcycle accidents by making the rider more visible to other people on the road. Once the motorcyclist dresses for safety, they should learn ways to avoid the most common types of accidents.

The most common cause of motorcycle accidents is a driver’s failure to see or judge the speed of a motorcycle traveling behind them. This misjudgment becomes a potential cause for accidents when the driver turns suddenly in an intersection. Motorcyclists can avoid these types of accidents by paying close attention and anticipating these situations.

Turning a corner and encountering an unexpected patch of gravel or other obstruction can also present a danger to a motorcycle rider. A rider can avoid this danger by slowing to a sufficient speed when rounding corners to allow themselves the chance to see and avoid any unexpected road hazards.

Motorcycles are small enough that they can easily fit into the blind spot of a person driving a car. This fact will make it likely for cars to change lanes suddenly and place themselves directly in front of motorcyclists from time to time. Motorcyclists should do what they can to stay away from the blind spot of car and truck drivers. A good rule for a motorcyclist to remember is that if they can see the eyes of a driver through a mirror, the driver can see them also.

Motorcyclists do not possess the protection of a vehicle when they take to the road. This fact makes it important for motorcyclists to learn and follow all safety techniques available to them. Individuals who are injured while riding their motorcycle may be able to receive the compensation they deserve through a personal injury lawsuit, starting with a consultation with an attorney.