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Many People Oppose Larger Trucks and Trailers

Missouri is the crossroads of the United States, and transport is a big part of life in the state. Although the Mississippi River brings water traffic and many airports bring cargo and passengers, nothing beats trucking for bringing necessary goods to people.

Truck drivers have a great responsibility to people on the road, as large trucks are often hard to maneuver and can cause serious damage or injury in the event of a collision. The sheer mass of loaded trucks is enough to create a disaster.

Many citizens and advocates in the Show-Me State are concerned about truck safety. The state ranks in the bottom five for truck safety in the nation. Around 100 people in Missouri are killed and more than 3,000 are injured in collisions with commercial vehicles every year.

Shipping companies have been pushing several states, including Missouri, to lift limits on truck-borne cargo by more than 10 percent. Experts argue, however, that this would result in more safety incidents, as well as injuries and deaths. Larger truck loads also cause greater wear and tear on roads and other infrastructure, which also causes safety issues for drivers.

A poll earlier this year shows that many drivers and lawmakers across the nation also want to keep limits on truck cargo. Seven out of ten voters want to keep limits, and 43 percent of those people cited crash dangers as a major reason for their choice.

Victims of accidents involving tractor-trailers and other heavy trucks, as well as the families of people killed in truck accidents, have the right under Missouri law to begin a lawsuit in civil court for financial damages. An attorney may help establish a good range for economic damages and compensation for pain and emotional distress.

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