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Many Factors Affect the Impact of a Motorcycle Crash on the Rider

Motorcycle crashes are tragic because the rider doesn’t have much protection against the impact of a vehicle. Unfortunately, this puts them at an increased risk of death or catastrophic injury when they are involved in a wreck.

One factor that can have a positive impact on motorcyclists who are in a crash is wearing a helmet. This sole piece of equipment reduces the risk of them suffering a brain injury when they are struck, but it doesn’t eliminate the risk fully.

Another factor that impacts motorcyclist safety is the use of alcohol. Contrary to popular belief, alcohol use isn’t limited only to the biker. Instead, other drivers who consume alcoholic beverages can cause crashes involving motorcyclists.

The road conditions can also affect the likelihood of a crash. One of the most dangerous locations for motorcycles is at intersections. There are often visual obstacles that make it difficult for other motorists to see these small profile, two-wheel vehicles.

Rain, snow and ice also pose hazards. Not only do these make it more difficult for the motorcyclists to keep control of the motorcycle, but they also make it more challenging for other motorists to control their vehicles. The increased stopping distance is another risk that everyone faces in these conditions.

motorcyclist who is involved in a wreck must ensure that they receive medical care. Injuries are sometimes hidden, so it is imperative that they have an evaluation. When another motorist was the one who caused the crash, the motorcyclist might opt to seek compensation for the damages they have to deal with. Missouri laws limit the time that you have to file a personal injury claim, so be sure to get your case handled quickly.