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Knowing the Types of Injuries Incurred in a Car Crash

A car crash in Missouri has left you dealing with injuries that range in their severity and their location. You’re not alone as approximately 7,000 people each day are injured in car crashes. The following are just some of the injuries that arise most frequently.

Head and neck injuries

Vehicle occupants may hit their head against the side window, the windshield, the steering wheel, the roof or even against loose objects inside. This means head trauma and possibly a concussion, otherwise known as a mild traumatic brain injury.

If the impact of the crash causes the neck to snap back and forth, victims may stretch or tear the neck muscles: a condition known as whiplash. Mild neck strain may result, but in extreme cases, victims may experience the dislocation of vertebrae and require surgery as a consequence.

Internal injuries, another possibility

Even if one is wearing a seatbelt, one may be wearing it incorrectly; this will open up the possibility of an internal injury as the body presses against the belt. Internal bleeding may result, or one may damage the muscles to the torso along with the heart, lungs and liver.

Another injury may not be immediately apparent, and it’s the psychological injury. Crash victims may develop a fear of driving, become depressed and suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Legal representation for crash victims

Those harmed in car accidents through little or no fault of their own often have a good chance of recovering damages from the responsible driver’s insurance company. You may want to file a third-party insurance claim, too, but before anything else, it may be wise to consult a lawyer and have him or her evaluate the case according to the state’s pure comparative negligence rule. If the case seems strong, the lawyer may help you strive for a reasonable settlement.