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Is Distracted Driving Increasing in the USA?

Commuters who are worried about distracted drivers causing accidents in Missouri may have well-founded concerns. Research suggests an increase in distracted driving incidents. Advancements in technology, combined with traditional bad driving habits, may factor into the trend. Dismissing distracted driving data could be unwise as the information may prompt some individuals to be more defensive when behind the wheel. Remember, distracted drivers may cause horrible accidents due to their inattention.

Notes about distracted driving accidents

The NHTSA reveals that around 660,000 drivers engage with electronic devices while traveling. Doing so likely increases the chances for distractions, and so does reaching for something in the car. Data also reveals that a brief, three-second distraction is enough to cause a crash, and nine fatalities per day happen in the United States due to distracted driving.

If nothing else, these figures send a warning to prevent troubling behaviors behind the wheel and drive more defensively. Regardless, external factors may lead to even more distracted driving incidents in the coming years.

Technology and other causes for distractions

Continual technological advancements in motor vehicles may further normalize “attention multitasking” while driving. The ability to dictate a text message may have an appeal to working persons on their commutes. Regardless of value, technological information and entertainment systems could take a person’s mind away from the road, adding to the danger.

Technology-based safety features, such as lane departure warnings, may lull drivers into thinking they don’t have to pay as much attention. Such an attitude could further increase risk while driving.

Blaming technology for distracted driving wouldn’t be fair nor accurate. Distractions come from many causes, including eating or drinking while driving or carrying on a conversation with a passenger.

Hopefully, more people become aware of the connection between car accidents and distracted driving. Anyone injured in such an accident may need to file an insurance claim or lawsuit. Discussing these options with an attorney could prove advisable.