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How Do You Survive Slippery Roads on a Motorcycle?

Spring showers bring May flowers, and if you’re in Missouri, the rain keeps coming in June and July. This is great for the crops, but what about the motorcyclists who have to navigate wet and slippery roads? Slippery road conditions can increase the chances of an accident for motorcyclists, but here are a few suggestions that will help the average biker keep the wheels turning even when the thunder is rolling:

Purchase good tires

Buy the best tires you can afford and replace them as soon as they expire or show signs of degradation. Also, never use track rubber tires on your daily rider. Your tire choice will help you keep excellent traction, even when it’s raining.

Slow down and don’t be jerky with the controls

Slowing your speed and avoiding jerky movements when steering, using the breaks and accelerating will do wonders to help you maintain control of your bike no matter what the weather conditions happen to be.

Watch out for extra-slippery surfaces

Strips of paint on the road, manhole covers and oil puddles can be extraordinarily slippery in rainy conditions. Scan ahead and prepare in advance to avoid these dangers.

Remember that visibility is limited

Your visibility is limited when it’s raining, and other drivers will also have more problems seeing the road around them. Motorcycles are hard enough to see in daylight so make sure you keep in mind that drivers are even less likely to see you than before.

If you take the right precautions while riding your motorcycle in the rain, you will avoid many kinds of accidents. However, there’s always the risk of getting hurt by an unlawful or negligent driver. If you were hurt — or if your loved one was killed – by such a driver, investigate your legal rights and options.