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Defensive Driving: Helping You Avoid Being Injured in an Accident

Millions of drivers and passengers are injured in Missouri through road accidents. You have no control over other drivers, but defensive driving helps you to reduce chances of getting into an accident. It is a technique that enhances your safety when driving.

As a defensive driver, you pay attention to more than just what is ahead of you. This means watching everything all around you on the road including other drivers. Your mind remains focused on driving by putting away everything that may distract you. Being a defensive driver, you should not eat, adjust radio, text or apply makeup while driving. It helps you stay alert all the time while driving. As the holidays approach, it is a good idea to think about what you can do to avoid being injured in an accident.

Many drivers have habits that result in serious accidents across the state. Drivers need to remember how to remain in control, be focused and calm, which can help you arrive at your destination alive. Defensive driving tactics include:

Moving eyes all around: Keeping your eyes focused and moving all around as you drive helps you spot trouble on time. You can see things happening in front, on the sides and behind you. Use the mirrors after every few seconds to see things happening around you.

Paying attention to all oncoming vehicles: Many people get into road accidents because of distractions that make them cross the centerline. If particular attention is paid to oncoming cars, chances of a crash are reduced significantly.

Expect mistakes from other people: As a driver, you should not assume that other drivers will not make a mistake. Be prepared for what to do if an error occurs as you are driving.

The right of way is not given all the time: Be ready all the time to react positively if a vehicle or a pedestrian does not stop to provide you with the right of way.

Traffic signals are not the final word: It is always good to obey the traffic lights and signs, but do not rely on them to stop people and vehicles from crossing the road because some of them are disobedient to the signs and traffic lights.