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Commercial Truck Kills Toddler in Kansas City

A toddler is dead after being struck by a vehicle in Kansas City, Missouri. The tragic incident happened in the downtown area last Wednesday. According to the Kansas City Police Department, the 3-year-old boy was walking out of a store with his father when the accident happened, just before 1:30 p.m.

The accident happened after the small boy ran away from his dad, darted through two parked vehicles, and directly into traffic. A westbound commercial vehicle struck the boy. Emergency responders rushed him to the hospital. Unfortunately, doctors were unable to save him and he was pronounced deceased at the medical facility.

Police say that the truck driver stopped and cooperated with authorities after the accident happened. The company that owns the truck, Spire, said in an official statement, “We are devastated by what happened today and our thoughts and prayers are the with the child’s family.”

Law enforcement officials said that the incident continued to be under investigation. As of the most recent reports, police were still gathering evidence, and they asked that anyone with knowledge about the crash contact them to provide more information.

When it comes to fault, child pedestrian versus car cases are different from those that involve adults. For example, when an adult pedestrian darts out into traffic, blame often falls on the adult. Conversely, when the accident involves a child pedestrian, the motorist may be to blame if he or she failed to take additional precautions to avoid hitting the child.

If your child was involved in a pedestrian versus car accident, it’s important to investigate his or her legal rights and options. In some cases, victims of these accidents may have strong claims to pursue financial compensation in court.