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Beware of Drowsy Drivers on the Roadways

Drowsy driving is potentially deadly driving, so anyone who gets behind the wheel of a vehicle must ensure they are fully prepared to accept the responsibility. This includes being able to stay awake and focused while driving. When a driver becomes fatigued, they should get off the road as soon as possible and get rest before continuing on their journey.

Everyone on the roads can watch for signs that a driver is impaired. If they spot any, they can report it to the authorities as soon as it is safe. This might help to prevent a crash.

Why is drowsy driving such a serious matter?

Drowsy driving has a similar effect on a driver as driving drunk. Their reaction time is often slower. They might miss out on critical signs that there is a problem in the road. They may not have control of the vehicle. If they doze off for even five seconds, they can travel the length of a standard football field if the vehicle is moving 55 miles per hour. Many accidents can occur in that distance, so it is imperative that drivers aren’t too fatigued when behind the wheel, and that they stop when they aren’t able to safely drive.

What are the signs of drowsy driving?

For a driver, things like nodding off or not remembering part of the drive can signal fatigue. You might also notice that you can’t keep your eyes open or that you yawn often. You may miss turns or road signs and have trouble keeping a consistent speed.

One of the most obvious signs of fatigued driving that anyone on the road must look for is drifting out of a lane. Often, this comes with a quick recovery back into the proper lane. This is fairly dangerous because overcorrecting can lead to a tragic crash.

There is always a chance that you won’t be able to avoid a drowsy driver. If you are involved in a crash with one, be sure to contact the police so they can come out to make a report. Ask for the emergency medical responders to come if you think there are injuries. Getting the proper care for them is important. Once you have done this, you might opt to file a claim for compensation based on the negligence of the drowsy driver. Because this is a civil matter, act quickly since there are time limits associated with these cases.