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Autumn Dangers Motorcyclists Should Avoid

The cooler weather is here, which means that leaves will start to fall off the trees. While the changing leaves are undoubtedly beautiful to look at, the falling leaves are one of the most significant hazards that motorcyclists face. Anyone on a motorcycle during this season should know how to handle this danger, as well as a few others that come with the colder weather months.

When the leaves fall on the roadway, they can become slippery. This gets even slicker if there is rain or dew. For motorcyclists, the effect of the leaves is much the same as riding on a sheet of ice. There is also the chance that the leaves will cover a pothole or another defect in the road that can cause problems for the two-wheel vehicle. When you can’t avoid the leaves, drive through them as slowly as possible to reduce the risk of a severe accident.

Another hazard to watch for is wildlife. This is the season when they will try to look for food for the winter. Deer are a particular hazard because they are more active during the autumn months. You’ve probably seen what happens when a deer and car collide. You can only imagine the effect of a deer and a motorcycle slamming into each other. You should be especially careful if you are riding from the start of dusk through the end of dawn, as this is when deer are more active.

You also have to start being vigilant about watching for frost or black ice on the road. This is more common in the early morning hours.

If you are involved in a crash that is due to another driver’s negligence, such as someone swerving to avoid hitting a deer and striking you instead, you might choose to seek compensation. This can help you recover the money you spent on medical care and similar expenses.