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4 Causes of Motorcycle Crashes that Could Involve Negligence

Every crash involving a motorcyclist has the potential to be devastating, especially for the rider. Motorcyclists are very vulnerable in collisions and can be crushed or thrown from their vehicle more easily than other motorists.

Because the damages can be catastrophic in these crashes, lawsuits can be the most effective way to secure the compensation for which injured victims may be eligible. While legal action is not always an option, it can be when another party’s negligence is to blame. Below, we examine four common causes of motorcycle crashes that may stem from the negligence of another person.

  1. Left-turning vehicle: Vehicles that turn left at an intersection can have difficulty seeing oncoming traffic. They can also misjudge the speed of a smaller vehicle, like a motorcycle. If drivers take unnecessary risks in these situations, they can crash into a rider.
  2. Being cut off by another vehicle: Cars and trucks should give riders plenty of space in traffic. A driver who doesn’t do this can easily cut off a motorcyclist and cause an accident.
  3. Another vehicle following a motorcyclist too closely: Even when a vehicle is following a motorcycle, he or she should give the rider space. If the motorcyclist has to stop or slow down quickly, a driver following too closely can rear end the rider.
  4. Drunk driver: Any person who drives after drinking has the potential to cause a serious accident. Drunk drivers can have impaired visibility and cognitive functions, making it even more difficult to make safe decisions around motorcyclists.

While there are steps riders can take to try and avoid accidents with negligent or reckless drivers, it is not always possible. 

However, victims and their families can take action to hold negligent parties accountable for the damage they cause in a motorcycle crash. This can include medical bills, vehicle repair, funeral expenses as well as non-economic damages like pain and suffering. Any person with questions about their legal options after an accident can consult an attorney experienced in pursuing personal injury claims.