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3 Categories of Big Rig Crash Causes

Semitruck wrecks stem from a variety of factors. While it is possible that only one of these will be present in a crash, there are often two or more that come into the picture. One thing that you can’t do is assume that every big rig accident is the fault of the trucker.

Safety on the road depends on the actions of every driver. In the case of semitrucks, things that happen before the rig gets on the road can also have a direct impact on safety.

Preparation for a haul

It is often said that preparation is the key and getting ready for a big rig haul is no exception. People who perform maintenance and repairs on the trailers and rigs have to ensure that they are using proper components and installation methods. The cargo must be loaded and secured in the correct manner to prevent it from shifting or coming loose, both of which can lead to a wreck.

Actions of the trucker

Things truckers do while they are behind the wheel can cause a crash. If they try to drive while they are fatigued or distracted, they might not be able to operate the large vehicle and trailer safely. Training is also important so they have the skills they need to make decisions that can help to prevent crashes.

During a haul, truckers have to make difficult decisions. This might be deciding to stop for a rest even though that means they are going to miss a delivery deadline. The trucking company’s policies might also play a part in some of the choices the trucker makes.

Things other drivers do

Another factor that might lead to a semitruck crash is the actions of other drivers. When drivers cut in front of a tractor-trailer or drive in the “no zones” around it, the trucker might become involved in a crash that could have been avoided. These large vehicles can’t stop quickly, so when a driver zips in front of one, it could mean that a decision about rear-ending that vehicle or swerving into another lane has to be made.

The investigation into what caused the accident will hold clues as to who should be held liable for the impacts of the wreck. This comes into the picture if you choose to seek compensation to help cover the damages that were the result of the wreck.